Happy Saturday. To recap last week, Mother’s Day rocks went out and we saw some of the rocks posted to Facebook. It was a lot of fun to see our creations posted on other pages across Facebook. We saw a comment on our blog post, which was awesome. We love seeing your finds and hope that you share them with us.

This week should have been a normal, regular, boring week….but not in our world! Monday morning arrived and all hell broke loose. Some lucky people work a normal 9-5 job but that is so far from my reality, it isn’t even remotely funny. Work for me has been an absolute disaster….each day bringing a new catastrophe. My normal routine has been thrown into utter chaos and I am exhausted, drained, and very thankful to have rocks to paint. Despite the irregularity and confusion, I haven’t murdered anyone or dissolved into a puddle of tears…..PROGRESS here people. Again, proof that Art Therapy is an effective form of anxiety and stress reduction.

*Glad to be of service to you with this ongoing research.*

What’s happening this week–

Return of Venom: One thing that we never thought we would see is one of our rocks coming back to us, especially this early in our venture. One of the very first set of rocks that went out included a Dustin Specialty: VENOM! On the day that we released Venom, Dustin was struggling with letting him go. He wanted to keep him. It was a very sweet moment. Eventually, we were able to convince Dustin that he would be okay and that another rock would come along and take Venom’s place. The rock was hidden at Fred Meyer and resided there for at least two days. When we realized that Venom had been captured, Dustin was sad but he had moved on. This week, one of the girls at work brought me a surprise. She walked in to work and said that she had found something that I had lost. I was confused and she presented me with VENOM! He had returned. I couldn’t wait to take him home to Daddy. LOL! Venom will be rehidden so keep your eyes peeled for this custom, and well loved, creation.

Unicorn rocks: If you know me AT ALL, you know that I am borderline OBSESSED with all things rainbows. This includes unicorns because, let’s be honest, they are AWESOME. Scrolling through Pinterest for rock painting ideas, I happened upon a simple design for a unicorn rock that caught my attention. A new signature rock was born!! The first iteration was pretty but I wanted better…the second is an improvement and I am happy with the direction that my art is moving. I already have a request for a personal unicorn for a friend. Tabby, I’m on the hunt for the perfect rock.

Rhododendron Festival Rocks: This weekend marks our annual festival in Florence, Oregon. It’s the 111th Rhododendron Festival…Rhody Fest. We have been working each week on a theme and since last week we were able to honor Mom, we felt it only right to spend this week creating art honoring our beautiful hometown. Dustin really got behind this theme and imagined some great rocks. I love the Rhody Fest with the rhododendron flower. It’s very pretty. I’m sure the finders will be delighted with the memento from the weekend of fun.


Ryan Reynolds rocks: So, basically, Deadpool could be the greatest character EVER. Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of the character. He IS the only reason the screen version is so likeable. In honor of the Deadpool 2 release, Dustin created a Deadpool rock. Pretty cool looking logo/symbol. Not sure why Green Lantern debuted in our art this week but, simply by the grace of God, Ryan made THE WORST super hero movie EVER and still was able to redeem himself with the awesomeness that is Mr Pool. After seeing the movie on Thursday night, the Green Lantern symbol is rather ironic. Seriously! Deadpool 2 is Hilarious….go see it, immediately!!!

What are you doing???? GO…..SEE…..IT…….NNNOOOWWW!!!!!

First #FOPR rock found that wasn’t ours: So the Peanut has voice lessons on Friday afternoons in Old Town so I decided to take a stroll while she was doing her warm-ups. I meandered down Maple, checking out the vendor set-up that was taking place. Then headed west on Bay St., toward the Siuslaw Bridge. I had my eyes peeled and looking for rocks….nothing. I made it to the benches under the Siuslaw Bridge and came across a nicely painted rock that said “Rhody Days 2018”. I reached out and grabbed it. Once I had it in the palm of my hand, I turned it over to see the markings on the back and which group the artist belonged to. Imagine my shock, surprise, and delight to see #FOPR on the back of this beautiful rock! A smile spread across my face and gratitude filled my heart. Our little adventure is catching on and spreading. I am so excited to be traveling this journey with all of you. Thank you for playing along with us and allowing us a platform for creative outlet. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful artwork and sharing ours with all of you.

Are you really still reading??? I swear that I gave you instructions. You people listen about as well as my teenager. Hahahaha.

Dead…Pool….2…..NOW! GGGOOO!!!!

Have a wonderful Rhody Weekend and Happy Hunting!!!


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