Wow! This week has been a blur. There are times in life that just don’t go the way that you want them. I am just having one of those MONTHS! I’m out of sorts and just not myself….and it has been a challenge, to say the least. When we began this rock journey, it was just for fun and a way for the family to spend some device-free time together. For me, it has become more than that. It is my happy place! When I’m painting, I find myself in a trance where my only focus becomes the rock. Honestly, painting and hunting for rocks has become a great form of therapy for me and I am thrilled that I can share this journey with all of you.

This week, my focus was MOM, in honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow. I spent my week creating various designs that feature MOM word art. These have been fun for me because, as anyone who knows me can attest, I love pretty writing becoming art. Many of the crafts that I do are centered around some fancy writing. These gems will be released onto Bay St tonight, in hopes of finding their way into the hands of amazing and wonderful mothers! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there! Hope that you have a ton of hunting fun in store. 🙂

Dustin killed it this week with his innovative and unique creations! The Star Wars glow-in-the-dark Lightsaber rock is really neat! He totally thought outside of the box on this one. My favorite, however, is the “Boldly Go” Star Trek themed rock. In all seriousness, this rock is gorgeous! Pictures do not do it any justice whatsoever. I mean, really, a mini Enterprise!? How Freaking Cool!!!! Harry Potter and Batman also make an appearance. As I sit here and look at his rocks for the week, I arrive at a “startling” conclusion… husband is a Pop Culture GEEK! We see Batman, Potter, X-Files, Star Wars….Star Trek….AND Stargate! Funny.

Allison usually only involves herself with us “adults” once or twice per week and last night she graced us with her presence. Along with herself, she brought the beautiful Sabrina to the painting table and we initiated “Brina into the #FOPR family. She made a couple of cute rocks that she is excited to hide. Returning focus to the beautiful songstress that lives in my house, she got a bit creative and played with some visual perspective. It’s fun to watch her try new forms of art. She has definitely received the Right Sided Brain Gene and oozes creativity! From being a talented vocal artist, to having visual artistic ability….she is pretty amazing and I am so excited to watch her grow as an artist! What a luck mommy I a

And with that, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day! If you are a mom, relax and enjoy yourselves. If you are celebrating a mom, spoil her rotten and give her everything she wants! She is the glue that holds your universe together.

Happy Hunting!!!!

XOXO ~heidi

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