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Creativity with integrity plus we’ve got your back! We have been a family owned corporation in the Print, Advertising and Multimedia business since 1918. Four generations of family and employees that honor our commitment and dedication to bring the highest quality and set the highest standard of craftsmanship to our clients.We are a multi-talented corporation that delivers on time. We go far beyond the customers expectations.

Ave’s grandfather started a printing business called Adler Press in 1918 that was located in Chicago, IL. The family moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1956 and purchased Panorama Press, Inc. in 1956. As grandfather Morris and Ave’s father Dan ran the business until Morris retired.  Dan took the reigns until 1985 when Dan retired. Ave became President in 1985 and ran the family business along with his son Dustin, sister Shelly and brother Morry until 2000 when we sold the business and relocated to Florence Oregon. Here Ave opened a small ad agency with the emphasis on bringing higher quality products to the coast of Oregon. Now Ave’s son Dustin is taking control for the next generation. Ave is retiring and has stepped back to let his son run the business.

  “In a digital age our reflection to the world is crucial, and the tools for creating an image are invaluable.” – Ave Bernard, CEO

Dustin Flying His Kite

Dustin Flying His Kite

We cover the gamut with our “One Stop” facility. We employ professionals who care to bring you the best possible solution to any project we encounter. We do make the difference. Our customers rely on our expertise to complete a project on time to save you, the customer, time and money. We take pride in a job well done and we stand behind our work. What you can expect from us is good pricing, quality work, excellent attitude.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

  1. Time tested performance with results.
  2. “Knock your socks off” customer service.
  3. We listen & understand business.
  4. “No surprises” invoicing.
  5. We do what we say we will & we put it in writing.
  6. You’ll be in the best company! We’re known for the companies that rely on us.

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Printing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Audio Production, Video Production, We do it ALL!


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